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Ultimax Belt Testing on our new 2017 RZR Turbo

Ultimax recently added a 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo 1000 to our fleet of vehicles used to conduct belt testing. We outfitted the RZR with a data acquisition system for real-time feedback and logging of everything related to belt performance. The Ultimax testing team will take the RZR through various tests with experimental belts and to baseline competitive performance. Ultimax’s goal is to evaluate belt performance and life in all the situations a rider would experience. The new RZR will make regular trips to the sand dunes at Little Sahara in Oklahoma, Moab Utah, Eagle River Wisconsin and several local trail sites.

One of our favorite places to test is Soggy Bottom MX Park. Soggy Bottom is 1,100 acres of paradise, located in Christian County Missouri. The trails offer a variety of terrain and incredible views that make our job even more enjoyable. A long leisurely ride is a good way to break in the new Ultimax RZR. Soggy Bottom MX Park is an awesome place to ride with a great staff. There are a variety of trails from easy to challenging.

Ultimax collects over a million miles of field test data every year on our snowmobile and ATV belts. A lot of testing also occurs in the Ultimax Technical Center in Springfield, Missouri. Extensive lab testing is performed on state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to powersports product development. The data gathered is used in the design and development of premium, reliable, high performance Ultimax belts.

The engineers at Timken Belts carefully design ATV, UTV and SxS belts specific to the application. Not satisfied with a “one size fits all” approach, we recognize the differences and variables that set each machine apart and design belts for optimum performance on each machine. Super strong aramid cord and special rubber compounds are used to ensure long life and superior performance.

As a manufacturer of both original equipment and aftermarket belts, we produce products that will perform to the highest expectations. Utimax’s extensive OEM experience make us unique. That history, connection and experience are built into every Ultimax belt. Our production lines meet stringent OEM quality standards, which set Ultimax belts apart from the competition in aftermarket drive belts.

The Ultimax belts family includes Ultimax MAX, Ultimax PRO and Ultimax XS snowmobile drive belts; Ultimax ATV UA and Ultimax ATV HQ drive belts for ATVs, UTVs and SxSs; and Ultimax MD (Multi-Duty) belts for use on go-karts, golf carts, junior dragsters, and a variety of applications.

Soggy Bottom MX Park
Location:  350 Bohmont Rd, Sparta, MO 65753
Phone: 417-861-9197
Facebook: @SoggyBottomMxPark

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