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Ultimax MAX is an improved version of the original revolutionary “Incredible Max” snowmobile belt. MAX is designed for long life and dependability on lower horsepower sleds. One Year Warranty. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Designed for vintage, fan cooled and lower-power (500cc) snowmobiles

  • Refined over decades to achieve best balance of flexibility, cord-retention and dimensional stability

  • Longest-lasting, best-performing iteration of the venerable Incredible Max line of snowmobile belts

Ultimax MAX in sleeve
Materials and Manufacturing
  • Fiber-loaded rubber designed for optimal grip on clutches and consistency over the life of the belt

  • Strong and stable aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength.

  • Built with modern methods to reduce variability and eliminate “classic” failure modes

  • Double cog construction provides greater belt strength while preserving flexibility

  • Every MAX belt is manufactured using new processes that reduce dimensional variation so every belt performs consistently

  • Dimensions match OE in cord length and width, meaning your sled will shift like new.  

  • Dimensions are held to tighter tolerances than OE belts

Over a million miles a year of documented field testing ensure that Ultimax belts stay ahead of the pack in value and performance.