Where are Ultimax belts made?

All Ultimax snowmobile and ATV/UTV/SxS drive belts are proudly made at the Timken Belts plant located in Springfield, Missouri – in the heart of the USA. We are an American company committed to American manufacturing and standards. Timken belt manufacturing plants are certified as compliant with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Made in the USA

Where can I buy Ultimax belts?

Ultimax belts can be purchased from any powersports dealer. If your dealer does not have the belt you need in stock, they can order from one of our distributors. Ultimax belts can also be purchased on line from a variety of websites. Dealer Locator

Is there a warranty on Ultimax belts?

Yes. We stand behind our products and offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Ultimax MAX, Ultimax PRO, Ultimax XS snowmobile belts and Ultimax HQ ATV/UTV belts are backed by a one-year warranty; two years on Ultimax UA belts and three years on Ultimax XP belts. Warranty details are available on our warranty page.

Do you have any tips on belt installation?

You can find helpful hints on ATV belt installation on the Ultimax YouTube Channel.

Does it make a difference which direction you install a drive belt?

It doesn’t matter which way you install the belt the first time, but it is important to keep the belt installed the same direction throughout the life of the belt. If for any reason you have to take the belt off your machine, put it back on in the same rotation direction it was going when it was removed. An easy way to remember this is to always put the belt on so you can read the label on the belt.

What is the proper way to store a belt?

Belts should be stored flat in a cool, dry environment (below 85 degrees and relative humidity of 70% or less) with no direct sunlight.

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How do I know when my Ultimax belt was made?

All Ultimax belts have a 4 digit number to identify when they were manufactured. The first 2 numbers indicate the week the belt was produced and the last 2 numbers identify the year. For example, 2716 means the belt was manufactured during the 27th week of 2016.

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Why do some Ultimax belts have different dimensions than other manufacturer's belts?

Belt dimensions can vary from one manufacturer to another based on proprietary design information. Ultimax belts are built to exacting specifications and inspected with calibrated equipment to assure strict dimensional compliance.

Outside circumference and top width have traditionally been published. These dimensions should not be used to determine product functionality and may be more misleading than helpful. Proper fit and performance depend on the thickness of the belt, the bottom width, angle, etc. Ultimax measures the effective length, center distance and ride-out on precision measuring equipment to produce a consistent high quality product.

The next time you measure a belt or compare the width of one belt to another, please realize that the real comparison should be on how the belt fits and performs on the machine.