Ultimax® Belts by Timken Racer 6-Pack

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Ultimax XS belts are now available in a set of six belts that are factory matched to tolerances that are three times tighter than standard belts. Ultimax XS belts are designed to handle the brutal power and extreme temperatures of racing. Ultimax XS belts are proudly made in the USA and feature a specially formulated rubber compound found in no other snowmobile belt.













For peak power and peak efficiency, snowmobile racers choose Ultimax belts. When it comes time to change belts on their finely tuned clutches, race teams can now be assured of having perfectly matched belts. Although every Ultimax belt is manufactured to industry-leading specifications, there may be slight variations that do not impact most riders. Developed for the demands of racing, the Ultimax 6-Pack assures repeatable performance.

6-Packs are available in the most popular sizes:

  • XS802-6PK
  • XS805-6PK
  • XS807-6PK
  • XS809-6PK
  • XS816-6PK
  • XS821-6PK
  • XS823-6PK

Ultimax XS is the ultimate in high-performance snowmobile belts. For more information, please contact belts@timken.com

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