Winning in China with Ultimax Belts

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Ultimax belts by Timken are the choice of champions around the world. Jian Lyu, of the Kirin Trading Company, is an authorized distributor of Ultimax belts in China. Jian reports that many racers are winning with Ultimax belts. It’s the same performance belt that you can purchase from your local powersports dealer. 

190 drivers recently participated in the “National Fragrant Wood, Wind Rushing” Desert Off-Road Race in Shenmu City, China. The rugged 3-day event in the Maowusu desert featured multiple obstacles throughout the course. The top 4 finishers in the UTV group were all powered by Ultimax XP belts. In the desert, on the track, or on the trail, champions around the world choose Ultimax belts by Timken.

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